Get your fresh eye soup.

Next step is to get some table details going. C&C appreciated. :slight_smile:

Woa, that looks great. :smiley:
But the iris is imho to small. You could also add some nerves to the eye on the fork.

Can’t wait to see the complete meal. :wink:

Yeisghmnamlfstl. XD

Still, I have a question, how was the mucous around the eye accomplished?

It’s a transparent material with an IOR of water, the lower mucous additionally got a #A9009A color (same IOR).

now i’m hungry.

Like, just modeled over top of the eyeball? I like how you made it suck in around the puncture marks.

[INDENT]yuck!:stuck_out_tongue: i wouldn eat that.


I have a pretty strong stomach, but this gives me just the slightest twinge of nausea…

Nice. Good job on the blood fake SSS. I like the way you modelled the eyeball on the fork.