Get your Gears

Hope you’ll like this.:wink:
Wish there was a free GE like this one. This is just a mod tool and it costs mills to build (I know that it is based on the actual GE but still…). I also know that Blender is VERY often used as a mod’s tool for modeling and UV unwrapping characters for games; but I wish you could do such things using Blender… On the other hand I consider myself very lucky to have such an amazing free app for creating my… art! Enjoy the video.

PS. Do you know the cost of the ‘old’ Unreal Engine (the one responsible for the XBOX 1 Unreal games and Unreal Tournament 2004)? 350.000 $ (and believe it; it’s a good price!)

Unreal technology always produces the best game engines, period. Cant wait untill the new engine comes out. I remember back in the day 10,000 polys use to be one level. Now, one model has over a million… crazy…
Thanks for the vid…