Get your hands coding on: Python and c++ (free books)

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Maybe this topic sounds a little offtopic in this forum, but because this forum is most of the time where people ask how to code things.
Anyways people in here are sometimes wondering how to learn Python or c++, well here some books I found on the internet in pdf format.

Byte of Python:

  • covers 124 pages of python.
  • learns a non coder (noob) to advanced python user
  • has got huge amount of good code explainations and sources
  • each code part will be explained ritchfully
  • pdf version

Website you need to know:

Tip of the day:
Done with this book? try figuring out the help section inside the python installation directory. Search for the help file and read the Python liberary reference to continue learning it. :smiley: (can also be found on

Get your copy from:

Thinking in c++:

  • Volume 1 2th edition: with around 900 pages of learning c++
  • Volume 2: with around 600 pages of learning c++ (continues on volume 1)
  • Turns very beginner into c++ user
  • pdf version

get your copy from:

Have fun with it, I like helping people who tried finding these books.
Btw maybe a good one for the sticky tutorial topic. 8)

Wow thats really cool i really want to learn python so after i finsh my mini game im going to learn python

thanks jd!


Yea, A Byte of Python is definitely a great book- very easy to understand!

After that, I’d recommend Dive Into Python. This one goes into much more depth but is a bit more difficult.

AMAZING! This is just what I’ve been searching for! How useful is this with Blender? How much of the documentation is non-usable?

Almost all Python can be used in Blender, openGL and Tkinter dosent work in the Real time engine thought. I think all the other modules works :slight_smile:

Thanks. I can’t wait to get it out from this damn computer to my own!

hi all - more free books you might be interested in to learn from scratch C, java or python

Great, very nice book indeed. I added it to my server. I think I create a html page with links to reference material like the sticky topic, but then a complete html page. The sticky topic is getting a little messy. :-?

I hear that you can use C++ in the game engine through Python. Is this true?

Sort of, you can code extension modules for Python in C++, and use those in Python scripts.