Get your tablet working in GIMP for WIndows!

I, too, have long been plagued by the sore fact that something is screwy about GTK and tablet sensitivity in GIMP for Windows. Well, after long hours of searching, I found a simple, yet unorthodox way to get the tablet to work.

And to ease your worries, its NOT NOT NOT appending your shortcut to ignore wintab; Actually what you have to do has nothing to do with a shortcut.

Go to START > Run… and get your command prompt.
Type This: “C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\bin\gimp-2.0.exe” --use-wintab

There ya go. You have tablet sensitivity. Instead of clicking your shortcut and all that good stuff, just run it from the run command in the start menu. Don’t know why it doesn’t work the other way by messing with the shortcut, but who cares…I can PAINT in GIMP for WINDOWS! WOOOOOO!!!

Forgive my banter is this was previously posted. However it’s such good news for me that I’m all shits and giggles right now.

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I would suggest also trying out the “unstable” version 2.2 it seems to have tablet support working by default as well as previews for scale and rotation transformations!


…but does anyone have a spare copy of the GIMP DeWeirdifyer that I can bum from ya? The Gimp Registry is being a dork and not working, and I’d like to have GIMP acting like a normal app so my quick ALT + TAB combo can work with my other stuff…?

Thanks if ya can help!

in my opinion , a better solution, since the “deweirdifier” had some weird issues.

Heya Mr. Nightmare,

I’ve tried out Virtual Desktop, but I can’t get it to do anything. What specificallly do I need to do with the program? I double click on the icon and nothing happens.

Hey TorQ, man, 2.2 pre is pretty sweet! On my wacom computer the support is kinda wonky though. Haven’t tried it on the Tablet PC though. On my big machine with dual monitors and a gig of ram, I can sketch for about oh, 5-6 minutes, and then BLAM! I get a crash.

Anybody else having a problem like this? I was able to sketch for longer if I ran the program from the command line in windows. And people, don’t gimmie a “switch to linux” solution. :wink: for me, it’s hardly an upgrade.

i have the same problem =( i have got wacom too

You know, it really is a shame we have to fight to be able to paint in the GIMP. I really enjoy using the tool. Here’s a WIP of what I was working on when it crashed.

Is there any way this could be a ram issue? I noticed that when I cut down the programs that I had open, I was able to sketch for longer. Does anyone know how to change the RAM number assigned after installation? I think I’ve got a little over a gig of ram, and I put 500 in the thing. Maybe it’s using all of it? I’m a total Noob to the GIMP, so forgive me.

Go to START > Run… and get your command prompt.
Type This: “C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\bin\gimp-2.0.exe” --use-wintab

I think it would be easier to just add --use-wintab to the shortcut, instead of typing it everytime you want to start the GIMP :wink:

I tried both --ignore and --use but with GIMP pre-2.2 --use seems to be default. With --use my tablet works, the GIMP registers pressure sensitivity, but my cursor keeps flickering. With --ignore the flickering stops but pressure sensitivity is gone!

Windows XP Home
GIMP pre-2.2
graphics card: Intel® 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller I think
A tiny Wacom Volito :slight_smile:

that’s cool that you can append the shortcut in 2.2…that’s definitely much better than running it from the command line. however, in the stable version, the command line is the only way I can get tablet stuff without crashing within seconds oif puting down the pen.

I’ll give it a try when I get home and check it out. Thanks!

Yeah, 2.2 is cool, but it seems pressure sensitivity is pretty weak still. It only seems productive when I am using a small canvas and small brushes, Otherwise it is really slow. Today I read that in the next year the GIMP should be getting a lot of really cool features such as adjustment layers and other nice Photoshoppy things. Chad, how it the Tablet PC thing? I’ve thought of getting one but didn’t think that their 3D capabilites would be good enough to justify it…


Heya TorQ,

I HEART my Tablet PC. I do a lot of traveling running my own studio and stuff, so having a really nice laptop was really important. I like the portability, and hell, I can draw on the screen so I took some money from one of our larger jobs and got one. I got and ACER Tablet, the Travelmate C110, and I absolutely love it.

In 3d, I mostly work with Animation:Master, and believe it or not, it actually runs very smoothly on it. Mine has got an Intel ExtremeGraphics 2 in it, and is upgradeable to a little more than a gig of ram, and that’s not bad concidering the screen is 10.5 inches. :wink:

I love it. I use it for all our concept artwork (Alias Sketchbook Pro, which I’m currently betatesting) and coloring comics and stuff like that. A:M runs nice on it, I’m able to fold the screen around and use it like a regular laptop. Also, it’s nice in tablet mode working with A:M since the program is spline based, I just dink dink dink on the screen and set my control points and all that good stuff.

Ok, enough rambling. I’m through and have to go to bed. Blarg. Damn the gimp. Damn the Gimp and it’s wonky tablet support.