Getaway WIP

Getting started on a Blender project inspired by an old illustration assignment of mine. There’s going to be a whole bunch of forced perspective built into the modeling so I’m curious to see how it all comes together (or falls apart!)

The original image:


I got the car textured–now on to the guy it’s chasing!

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I am also very curious to see about what the end result would be. I always try to find ways into blending the two worlds of 2D and 3D together.

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Here’s what it looks like now (I spent yesterday trying to reduce the noise and, while it’s a lot better than what it was, I still have a whole bunch of fireflies I can’t get rid of):

From a 2D illustration now really looks like a still from a 3D movie. :slight_smile:

About the rendering process I don’t know if you have looked into the new denoiser. I haven’t tried it yet but many people say that it works good. I think that blender guru made a tutorial comparing the results with it.

I’ve still been using 2.79 but if 2.8 is better at reducing noise, I may finally have to make the move to 2.8.

I managed to reduce the noise a bit more in the car:


interesting workflow! lovely.

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Thanks very much!

Really like seeing the progression from 2D to 3D image. Have you considered opting for a more non-photorealistic look?

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I’ve been starting every project trying for a more non-photorealistic look and I always end up drifting back to it! I’m starting to be happy with the stylization I’m getting with the modeling but once I start texturing, I end up with stuff that looks like I’m going for way more realism than I’m really intending.
I think I’m going a bit overboard with lighting as well. My next project is going to be intentionally oversimplified–I need to break out of the way I’m using nodes because I always end up back in the same place.