.getFrame for ipo?

Is there a reason there is no .getFrame() for the ipo actuator like there is for the action actuator? or do they work differently somehow?

don’t know why, the other way is to control ipo by property.

yes that feature should be there reads the code

We have this feature in the Action Actuator in Apricot (at least, did not check 2.47). I submitted a patch to have it also in Shape Action Actuator.

Hope my suggestion to add it also in Ipo Actuator will be heard :wink:


it has always been in the Action Actuator. My guess is that no one thought of it for the ipo actuator (it’s older) and when action actuator came along nobody thought of adding it to the ipo actuator.

@Sim88: It seems that we have a different definition of “always”… IMHO it was introduced after 2.46. Or even only for Apricot.

We at NaN begged the devs for Ipo-Feedback in the Upo Actuatror before we had an Action Actuator :wink:


always might be a strong word. It is mentioned in this python reference thingy: http://www.blender.org/documentation/pydoc_gameengine/PyDoc-Gameengine-2.34/BL_ActionActuator.BL_ActionActuator-class.html At the bottom it says:
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edit: last update looks like Blender 2.34