Geting membership

(Squee) #1

I am trying to get a membership for the blender site but i live in Canada
and do not have a credit card. I was going to use a bank transfer but
how do they now it was me that sent the money so that i can get the

(VelikM) #2

Use the PayPal link on the site, you do need a checking account if you don’t have a credit card.

(kai_yak) #3

I want to do the same thing. It would be great if somebodyy could answer this question.

Maybe this should be in the foundation forum!!


(Squee) #4

I have an account but it needs to be a US account.
I guess i just need a credit card.

(jesterKing) #5

I got my membership also using the bankaccount. (Living in Finland). Make sure you give your e-mail address as message with the transaction. It should be the one you use(d) for registering as member.

It worked fine for me :smiley: