Geton mark E-43 Pistol top Socket

my first post, and first rendering with blender.

This is Geton mark E-43 pistol top socket (the one that moves when you shoot, so the bullet shell may get out of weapon). Also it is my first ever made model and/or finished rendering with blender.

Hope you like it.

Ok your pretty new, so Ill give you a break, but
Its sort of cheating to call part of a gun a finished project. It would be much more impressive(and finished) if you modeled, say, the whole gun. Maybe start up a WIP to model the gun or something.

But to crit what you have done…
The material is pretty bad. Rather, bad for your model. Looks like you were going for a glassy look, just ends up ruining the model. whether its the IOR, or ray-mir values, it makes teh model look quite confusing. Mind posting a gray-matte render?

Good luck with blender, man

As requested by free_ality:


solid/no effects:

Btw, the cause I didn’t bother for the full gun, is that I’m just experiementing with Blender now. Maybe some later I’ll make the rest of the E-43. Or an other model.


The model seems fine to me. No major topology problems…

Again, Good luck with blender, look forward to seeing your future work…

Eh… Actually, there’s a lot of creasing in unneccisary places, probably caused by too many loops or poles. The reflection hides it pretty well though.

hehe, I was feeling like a bit of a jerk :wink: better to have somebody else point it out…