getSelectedVerts() with python

I was browsing the python documentation and i noticed that the coders added a flag that returns 1 if a vertex was selected (and 0 if not). (When did they add this?)

So you can get the index of the selected vertices of a mesh by doing the following:

import Blender
from Blender import *

m =  Object.GetSelected()[0].getData()

def getSelectedVerts(m):

	selvertidx = []

	for v in m.verts:
		if v.sel == 1:

	return selvertidx

selverts = getSelectedVerts(m)

print selverts



The idea was to create an Edit Mesh module which has still not been written. It will encompass everything regarding selection/deselection from the python API. In the meantime I think that ianwill added this to give some selection identification for the nmesh.