Getting a blank render

I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m trying to use both Cycles and the internal render engine by using two different render layers, but my internal render layer is just coming out completely black or blank (checkered background). What am I doing wrong? (Yes, I realize I have a huge node tree with a bunch of nodes that seem to be for nothing, but I deleted part of my project because I didn’t want to share it with all of the interwebz)

Thanks for any ideas.


Ship Window blank.blend (1.54 MB)

Are you trying to combine the layers in the compositor? Do a few tests on your layers. Render out just the blender internal layer, then render out only the cycles layer. If both are rendering separately with no issues, there might just be an issue with the way your combining them in the compositor(if that’s what your using).

when I open your scene there are materials under blender render that are not assigned or setup correctly… your image sequence M82 tif is also not there. Looks like there are problems with textures and your final compositing. I can not find it again :wink: but I had a glowing planet with asteroids… no textures…
Delete your image nodes and the double viewer node… then you should see something in rendering


It’s two scenes that makes the rendering with two engines work and then combine results from both scenes in the compositor.

Also, there’ s no separation in any of your render layers (nor scene layers). Render layers “Renderlayer” and “Planet” are exactly the same in both scenes, getting all active layers you render.
In render layers properties, layer set on the left (scene layers) are the ones that are rendered, and that means all the active layers by default. On the right are layers you want in your render layer you are setting up.