Getting a camera to look at an object

I need to get a camera to follow a ball and turn with it but not roll with it.
I have the basic file so you can experiment. I have tried but I am a noob to blender>:D

You need to use vertex parenting. (Follow the link to a well-written tutorial on the subject, which has examples and exercises to follow along with.)

Ha blendenzo, getting a little full of yourself now?:smiley: EDIT: I just saw you mentioned Blender Barrage in the tutorial which makes it very well written indeed.

blenderman007: You could probably also use the camera actuator but vertex parenting as blendenzo said is more accurate.

I’m glad you see my point. :wink:

Thank you very much blendenzo that helped a lot.:yes::yes::yes:

Can i get it turn left and right with the ball?