Getting a certain kind of handling

I am wanting to make a character with sort of on/off handling. when you press up it goes forward when you let off it stops all with minimal (if possible none) needing to get up to speed or sliding to a stop. I know i could use dloc to achieve this but then you have to worry about the character going through walls.

I guess the best way to describe the handling would be like the handling on the ORIGINAL Spyro games for ps1.

so is there some way to fix dloc’s tendency to go through walls or some other way to set up the movement actuator to achieve the control i want?

Use Linear Velocity. Either from the object actuator or from KX_GameObject.

You can try servo controls…
If you want the object to instantly stop, then you can use an all-keys inverted keyboard sensor.


MovementExample.blend (37.2 KB)

Thank you so much. it worked. i had tried using servo before but could never figure i out so i abandoned it as a lost cause. but how wrong i was! this is great!

it does a have a bit of a tendency to slightly move backward a bit once the character has stopped but that can probably be solved with some tinkering of the settings :yes: .