Getting a cloth to deform based on 2 parent objects

Say I have three objects. Two poles and a grid.

The grid will be the cloth object, with the left and right extremities acting as pins.

I want to move either pole towards the other, but still have the cloth stay attached to both. I can make the cloth the child of only one pole, though.

So how can I make it so that the cloth is the child of both poles, so that when I move one it will either stretch if it goes outward, or crumple when it goes inward?

Try using the poles as vertex hooks. First select one pole, then (while its still selected) go into edit mode on the plane. Press [Ctrl+H] when you have the vertices that you need to have be parented to that pole selected. Do the same for the other pole and you should be done.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

It almost worked.

I added vertex hooks, but this is the result:

The cloth only stretches where the hooks were applied, and I can’t move one pole to deform the whole cloth.


That’s what will happen if you just move the poles by hand. But if you animate the motion of the poles and have the cloth simulation running at the same time, with the pinning group being exactly the two sets of vertices that are hooked to the poles, you should get the result you want.

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