getting a error when i try to save the ui

I am getting a error when i go to save the default settings.
here is the what happens
It will let me save the default settings once. then if I change something and want to save again it gives me the error “Unable to delete file”
I have unistalled Blender twice and still get the same thing happening.
I am running Vista on a quad system. blender ver 2.45
Is anyone having this problem and Is there a link or fix for this?
or am i just missing a step?

Update: i installed 2.44 and it works fine. must be a bug in 2.45


Try it with Windows Vista User Account Control turned off.
Look in the Control Panel.

Vista: I had to open the .blender folder in windows explorer, right click, select Properties then security tab. Then I had to give everyone in that list full control.

Excellent! that did it.
I really love Vista. (worst operating system yet) If I could set all my systems up with Linux. I would.