Getting a Group's Objects / 'Children'

Hey. So I have a group object (an enemy) in another scene in my game file, and I would like to be able to use that group in the game scene. The problem is, I would like to be able to enter specific variables in the group object and then pass the variables to the actual object. Is there any tie between group objects and their ‘children’?

Hi SolarLune,

when you instanciate a group get a “pivot” and instance objects which are copies of the group objects. While the group objects follow the pivot in Blender they loose all relation to the pivot.

On the other hand, in Blender you can ONLY access the pivot while the instance objects are not accessible.

Moerdn made an easy fix to solve this problem:

This German forum contains a link to his branch:
I thought there is a thread in this forum as well.

If you can’t use this, you might want to have a look at LinkLib. It is designed for this situation.

I hope it helps

Thanks, Monster. Your LinkLib looks interesting - I should look more into it, as there’s a lot to check out. I hope moerdn’s patch gets commited to Trunk - it’s really something that could help us out.

Or you could just use group object and actual object centers as the missing link between them.Their centers are in the same exact position(if you position the actual object in 0,0,0),you could use this to identify which group object spawns which actual object. This idea is the foundation of my lod system. I use heavy data transfer between them and it works pretty well.

That sounds interesting, and it seems pretty simple. Thanks to you, too, haidme.