Getting a model to work with

Does anyone know where I can get a complete (ready to animate) model or a person or robot? I know I’m cheating a billion steps, but I really need something to practice and take apart to understand. Thanks, everyone!

Maybe Blendo will do:

or this one :

Maybe you’ll find more if you search the forum for ‘rigs’. they have a blender model repository loaded with all kinds o’ crazy crap. so have fun! I did…

you can’t go wrong with nozzy’s rig

Thanks guys! :smiley:

You rock [!]

Most (all?) of those rigs are quite old and while they will still work and are still good for messing with and learning some stuff, they don’t exploit any of the new, simplified features of Blender armatures and they use some “outdated” methods of constraining bone movements.

RBackman just posted this model in the animation forum. I haven’t used it but it would be well worth a look.

It also uses driven shape keys and driven actions. More stuff to play with.