Getting A New Computer Need Help!!!!

ive done my reaserch and i have a 2000 doller budget but ive foound computers ranging from 500 to 10000 dollers and sadly :frowning: i dont know much about computers so it all looks the same to me so ive been looking at just some generic 2 grand computers but i dont know if theyt will be powerful enough for the stuff im doing (probaby blender and maya and all the things that go with that) so some one plz help me at least give me a starting point to look like what company (dell alienware ect) :smiley: thanks

PS im looking for a whole workstation the tower monitor (keybord) the works

cool thanks im not in a big rush but all the computers look cool

Why not build your own, you get exactly what you want and you learn some things new. What matters is what is inside of a computer, not what is out side of one.
It is fun to do.

If you want to build you own, and you need some more technical advice on what parts to get, go here:

Building your own computer is a good experience, and in many cases it can save you some money as well. When things go wrong its particualrly handy if you know your system well, and if you build your own, you will :slight_smile:

(gasp) ive been actuly thinking about that and bam thanks guys im ganna still browse but i think thats the way im ganna go (since i have a lot of time and my money comes in chunks) well need to get reaserchin thanks again (although im worryed that im going to screw this up oh well =)

I just want to give you a little warning make sure you get a good bran name when you are searching for PCs. I found out the mother board around the mother board around the RAM was poor quality and I had the tower go into repairs several times and when it was resolved and the new extra 512 was installed and working. I found out from the technician that I had a poor quality Buss,the wire between the GPU and the CPU was a poorer quality and thus it bottle necked the power of my PC and so the upgrade of RAM had little effect.

I later on switch back to mac and it’s quite a difference. My iMac is not as expandable as a Mac Pro though it’s a nice machine and it’s a entire workspace in a compact package so allot fewer wires. Take a look at the macs(if you really need windows you can dual boot it with boot camp or use virtual windows) and if you have your hear still set on the PCs be care full many companies will cut quality corners to bring down the price.

*note: you don’t need a apple monitor and monitor will do you will just need to get a cord for the non apple monitors because there is a slight size difference in the plug.

I second mischie’s comments. You may think you’re paying premiums for brand name components, but IT PAYS to buy quality parts. There’s nothing like building a new kick ass computer to only have it crash and burn hard because of the Value-Shit-RAM you stuck in there. True story. :frowning:

That doesnt mean you have to get ripped off however. You need to be smart about what you are buying. Purchasing the most expensive product on the block will not guarrenty you quality. I have experienced that first hand. It is good to look for quality, but dont get tricked into thinking that need to purchase the most high end product available to get quality components. By all means, search for brand name componets, but you dont have to purchase their top of the line products (unless you want to), to build a quality system. You will also safe a lot of money by being smart like this and aiming for non-bleeding edge componentry, which is is free of the ridiculuos markup put on new computer hardware.

I found out from the technician that I had a poor quality Buss,the wire between the GPU and the CPU was a poorer quality and thus it bottle necked the power of my PC and so the upgrade of RAM had little effect.
Please dont tell lies, or spread FUD. If you have looked inside a computer before you would know that there is NO “wire” between the GPU and the CPU. They communicate though the AGP link, (and now PCI EXPRESS), which is intregrated directly into the motherboard. Its not like you get a cable and plug them in. There is also nothing such as a “poor quality Buss”. Maybe you are talking about the FSB (front side bus), and assuming you had a pentium 4, maybe a slower FSB contributed to slowing down your system. But the amount of ram you have has nothing to do with the speed of the FSB and visa-versa, because only the speed of the RAM is a factor. Normally you purchase RAM with timings and frequencies that are compatible with your system. So you need to work out what your saying, because on one hand you say that your problem was resolved with "the new extra 512"mb of RAM, then on the other hand you are talking about the speed of the “bus” (and there are many “bus’s” in a computer, so you should specify which one you are talking about. Also, system bottlenecks are normally related to the limitations of the specific chipset in use, in which case a few chipsets are normally used accross the board for each architecture, so whether your motherboard was a cheaper one, or a more expensive one, that had little to do with your system bottlenecks unless you were somehow sold a 1980’s computer. Then again, if you bought it off that technician who has been giving you advice I wouldnt be surprised :stuck_out_tongue:

Also valarking, I have used Corsair Valueram many times in systems that I have built for friends and family, and I havent had any problems with the quality of the product at all. Unless you are overclocking, you do not need high frequency ram with overlarge ramsinks. Anyway, maybe you have had that experience, im just telling mine.

Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide to do weedmonkey. I hope it all goes well for you. Im sure you’ll be happy with whatever you get, its just good that you know the full picture so you can make a well informed decision when the time comes.

!!! wow now im worryed ummmmmmm im not bad with computers but then again ive never built one (let alone set it up) since ive only had one computer in my lifetime that was actuly MINE (now 0 and that computer was a laptop) soooooooo all this lyngo u guys are useing is like a foighin languege to me but truthfuly that gets me more exited because now im learning somthing useful (i think) so need to get crackin

thank for all the help =)

Nah ull be fine. Seriously, building a computer is like playing with lego, its just more expensive if you break a piece :slight_smile:

Well, you could go that route and build your own. I’ve built a number of machines at work, and fix them on a regular basis, too. When it was time for a new personal workstation, I had planned to purchase top-of-the-line components and build my own. However, it turned out that, believe it or not, Dell was able to make me an Athlon X2 box with 2GB RAM, etc. etc., a very nice Blender box, for just over $500, less than I was able to find similar components unassembled. Don’t ignore the big guys just because they’re the big guys.

Seriously, if you’re just spending the money on the box itself, I can’t imagine needing to spend over $1000 to do make it do everything you need.