Getting a new graphics card!

Couldn’t find an appropiate place for this but:

I’m getting a new graphics card for my computer since the current one is integrated and sucks. I want one to work really well with blender, one can cope with full HD and is decent for and supported by most games. BUT not too expensive. Thinking about something for max 150 dollars (though I use swedish currency). What do you recommend?

A friend of mine said that it’s not worth to buy a new card, that I should just get a new computer, but I’m not very willing to do that since it’s a pretty new comp. Any ideas about that?

My specs:

Name: compaq presario cq5340sc
Proc: Intel® Celeron®-processor E3300 (2,5 ghz)
Circuits: Intel® G41 express chipset
Memory: 4 GB DDR3
Graphics: Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500 HD (1 gb)
OS: Windows® 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

You have a decent amount of RAM, I’m not sure how fast that CPU in comparison to the core2duo range as the celerons are usually somewhat crippled, but I can’t see that holding you back in Blender if you have a beefy graphic card.

If you have, and I think you should do, an PCIe 2.0 slot then you could go for a GTX260, you may find it a little hard to get one for $150, but you should get one for under $180/90, do NOT go for a GTS250 as it’s a rebranded 8800 series with an extra 512MB of RAM, which still doesn’t allow it to beat the ATI4870, so stay away from it.

On the ATI side you may have a few more options but I’m not sure how well the drivers are compared to Nvidias, which I must admit are pretty damn good for things like 3D modelling/ OpenGL applicatons.

Thanks! Is this the one youre referring to?

Anyone else have some input?

it seems like, from what i’ve heard, nvidia has better openGL support than ATI, but i don’t know firsthand.
I would definitely recommend that you upgrade to something; a real graphics card makes a huge difference.

That’s the one, I haven’t heard of that brand, not sure how reliable it is.

Anyway, I have an GTX260 (Like the one listed above) in my machine, coupled with an Q6600, 6GB RAM, and Windows 7 and my machine can quite easily cope with 20-30+ Million polygons, it’s more fluent while in sculpt mode, very fluent actually, so I think it’ll be more than enough as well as offering future proofing until the next generation since the Fermi series isn’t so good.

I bought also a gtx260 a few months ago but now i would prefer a gtx460.
The gtx 460 is very small and silent, i have to bought a new case because the 260 blow up my case. The gtx 260 is a good solution but i would go for the next generation and take the gtx 460 1GB. If you use other software like photoshop, premiere, vlc player, octane renderer and much more your profit from nvidia cuda and 336 cores.
Gtx 260 has 192 cores.

Cheers mib

I agree that gtx 460 is propably the smartest graphics card you could get, draws very little power, has good cooling and good performance, although it costs a bit over 200€
gtx 260 is also pretty good, if you can find one for cheap…
If you want an ati card you can get a hd5770 for around 150€, not as good performance as the 460 but still pretty capable and it’s small and runs cool.

Thanks guys! So if we say I would be prepared to buy one of these bad boys, is my computer good enough for em?

We’ll need to know your motherboard and your power supply.

you power suppy i didn’t see. it’s going to be very important because if you buy a top of the ilne card and cant power it sufficently it’ll have worse performance than you current graphics. toms hardware does a monthly list of the best cards in variouse price ranges. check out the card they recomend, then find the power requirments for that card and see if your power suppy is atleast the min recomended wattage.,2676.html it seems the ati 5770 is their recomended card for $150 and it requires a 450 watt power supply.

it seems your pc only has a 300 watt power supply. rather than looking at price look by min power rating. or upgrade you power supply you do have pci express 16 slot so you’ll want a pci express card.

you should be able to get an ati 5570 and a 400 watt power supply for about 150. that 300 watt power suply is really going to limit you. even 400 watts are low. if you are willing to pay a little more get a better power supply than you’ll need now so you’ll be ready to upgrade to a better card later. infact a power supply you can even put in your next pc so it wont be wasted,

Just grab and older budget card, probably cost about $50-$80. It will still be better then the integrated crap you have now.

Thanks, I didn’t realize that the power source actually played a part in it. My question now is if it isn’t just better to buy a new computer?

Jestmart, yeah probably :smiley:

It depends on what you can get and how much money you have.

You could get a pretty fast I7 Quad core processor, 6GB RAM and a pretty beefy video card for well under $1000, this would just be for the tower though, but you can keep your current mouse, keyboard and monitor.

EDIT: Atually you are best off going for an AMD X4 or X6 series, you’d be very lucky to get an I7 system for under $1000, they are seriously over priced! O.o

do NOT go for a GTS250 as it’s a rebranded 8800 series with an extra 512MB of RAM
This kinda decent bullshit, you know. :confused:
Read more about GTS250 before posting this.

It’s true, many review sites confirm this.

Nvidia has a documented history of re-branding cards.

While the GTS250 had a die shrink it is an 8800 series card and Nvidia has a right to do this, they own it after all, but I think it’s a little unfair on the consumer who unwittingly buys an old product disguised a new one.

It’s true, many review sites confirm this.
Srsly, just compare the microcores count and clocks for both and then think a little. I wouldn’t state that if my friend hadn’t 8800GTS which happens to be much slower in Crysis Warhead for nearly the same specs and settings than mine GTS250.
Rebranded, huh. Reading ATI sites again? :evilgrin:

You must be (and that’s for sure) confusing 8800 series with 9800GTX+, but in mind with that I wouldn’t take your advices seriously, even though 9800GTX+ and GTS250 are priced the same and have nearly the same performance (see the benchmarks).

Why take NVidia over ATI?

  1. Stable drivers for all platforms working on service level.
  2. Better OpenGL performance.

You want to play games instead of working in Blender, go for ATI this will be quite cheaper in some situations. If you want to work with Photoshop and keep modeling in Blender, surely take the NVidia card coz all these software pieces are working with OGL API. And by the way, don’t forget about CUDA processing, which is available only on NVidia and outperforms OpenCL in calculations on GPU cores.

Sorry, you are correct it was the 9800GTX+, but that is also a slightly improved 8800GTS which is re-branded, so really, the die size decrease and memory improvements aside what you are getting with the 250 is an 8800GTS.

Also, I never suggested an ATI card, I suggested an AMD processor, they are far cheaper than Intel and the X6 series manages to keep up with most of the high end Intel chips in multi-tasking, which is something Blender takes advantage of for most things.

The guy can get whatever graphic card he chooses, it’s his decision but I am helpfully advising him that buying an GTS250 won’t get him the latest generation, or even the last generation performance.

I have an 8800GTS card here, I replaced it with an 260GTX, so I don’t have anything against Nvidia, well except their re-branding issues.

Haha you guys have seriously given me some stuff to think about, although I don’t understand the most of it, but thank you for your concern! :slight_smile: