Getting a new mouse with a GOOD wheel for blender

My mouse died today while i was working, and need to buy a new one tomorrow, but this time i want some advice for getting one with a solid and well working wheel (mine had a terrible wheel, bad movement, bad clicking, etc…).

So, any recommendation please?

I bought a Roccat Leadr a few months ago, and for me it’s been really good. Ergonomics are really good, and it’s got a nice table charger for it… (it’s wireless, with the possibility to plug the cable right into it.)
Plenty of buttons, and Roccat’s easy-shift tech makes it possible to have almost twice the fuctions mapped to the buttons… I love it at least… I used to use a Razer Naga Hex v2, but the middle button freaked out on me. And since I had a roccat kova+ before that that I was really satisfied with, i wanted to try roccat again, and it’s been really good so far… :slight_smile: The wheel feels good… But as for how long it will last, only time will tell… :slight_smile: Hopefully a very long time… It doesn’t have the side-buttons on the wheel though… That might make it less suseptible for failing…

Corsair M55 works like a charm for middle click on the mouse wheel.

Just about any gaming mouse will do the job well. Mine’s a Sensei Ten. Of course, these days, I’d avoid buying from Amazon. It seems that most electronics being sold there are factory seconds. Check reviews carefully before buying and buy local if you can.

Corsair m55 looks like a good choice price/quality.