Getting a particle to stay close to a moving object?

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a scene where I have a fast moving object that needs to emit particles but I don’t want those particles to be left behind. What’s the best way to get the particles to drag along with the object but not remain completely static?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


One way,
Add an empty on the same layer as your particles. Make the empty a force field with negative strength (-.1 to -2)
Either keyframe the empty so it’s just behind the rocket, or parent the empty to it.
Bake it, adjust strength, bake again…
You might want to turn down the effect of other influences (like gravity) in the particle settings

OK thanks, I’ll try that, Gravity is turned all the way down anyway so this sounds like a good way of going.

Yep that worked, needs a bit of tweaking to stop them sailing past afterwards but it essentially does the trick.

You can also keyframe the strength (And just about anythings else) by right clicking on the value widget. So if you want the force field to die you would keyframe the strength at 0. You can also use the rocket mesh itself as the force field and set the shape dropdown to ‘surface’