Getting a PNG image sequence's alpha to function..

I have a material set to a plane whose assigned texture is a sequence of still PNG images (when viewed in OS X’s Preview it’s clear there’s alpha data), but when rendered in Blender I see white where there should be transparency. I’ve seen a lot of threads about this, but no really clear solution. I’ve turned “UseAlpha” on, and all sorts of permutations of the other buttons in the texture dialog but nothing seems to do it. I’m using Blender 249.2 in Mac OS 10.5.8.

This is what I use:

Use texture with alpha transparency (2.49):

  • GLSL material
  • Materials: Render pipeline: ZTransp
  • Materials: Alpha = 0
  • Materials: Texture: UV and Flat
  • Materials: Textxure: Map To: Col and Alpha
  • Texture: Image: Premul
  • Texture: Map Image: Use Alpha
  • Mesh Text Face: Use Alpha

And here is the checklist for 2.50:


  1. Transparency checked
  2. Z Transparency enabled
  3. Alpha = 0


  1. Premultiply
  2. Image Sampling Alpha: Use
  3. Influence Color and Alpha checked
  4. Mapping UV and Flat

View Properties

  1. GLSL
  2. Textured Solid

Unwrap your object with the texture in the image editor.

jrboddie1, don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re a normal man, that did it; thanks a lot.

I think it is odd, in Blender, that you still have to set alpha to 0.0 for the alpha to take effect. Shouldn’t the MAP button just take over and do that automatically? I think that a major stumbling block for new users. It still does not make sense to me either?

I thought it was just me but I couldn’t get the alpha to work in a PNG image sequence either. I ended up having to do a separate image sequence for the alpha. But the PNG’s by themselves (as a still) worked with the alpha w/o changing anything (just importing).

I’m not even a new user, and it didn’t make sense.

You are my hero, jrboddie1.