Getting a runtime to work on a mac

I want to show something that I made in blender to someone who uses a mac (I’m on windows), and I wondered what the steps are in doing this.

Can’t you just send the .blend?

Well, the guy I’m sending it to doesn’t have blender, and I don’t know what version of OSX he has so I can’t just bring blender as well.

I still don’t see the problem. Just have him download and install the appropriate blender build for his system.


I just remembered that L0GAN wrote a game exporter for just this kind of situation, here:


I used the script, but it outputs a folder with “.app” at the end of the name, and inside it seems to be fine. But I can’t send a folder over the internet. Do I just use a .zip file or what?

Yea, that should work fine.

change the name of the folder to get rid of the .app thing. Then add it and it should ask you if you want to change the extention. Easy cheese.

Good to see another Mac user!

Your method didn’t work on windows. Did you mean that I should do this on the mac?

Yeah. Sorry I might have misread it. Yeah, Mac apps are essentially folders with an icon. Don’t sweat it then :stuck_out_tongue: