Getting a texture image from a material?

I’m not sure how to do this one.

I’m making a sword for game that uses UV textures, and the materials I have used in blender make it look really good.

Can I get a texture image off of a material in blender?

  • Have your material set up.

  • Have your model unwrapped in Edit Mode and assign a texture in the UV/Image Editor to your model.
    What is that texture is not important, either a plain colored one or the UV grid

  • In the Render panel, at the bottom there’s the “Bake” category, expand it and set the “Bake Mode” to “Texture”
    Click on the Bake button, you’ll see in the UV/Image editor your dummy texture being baked with the one you created in the material.

  • In the UV/Image Editor, save your newmy baked texture in your prefered format.