Getting an armature to influence a curve guide?

I’m creating a character that uses particle effects at the some of the armature joints and I’m having issues on the elbows and knees (so far). I’m using curve guides to guide the particles but I can’t get the armature to move the curve guide like I want it. I (apparently) can’t weight paint a curve guide or make different vertex groups so I tried using the hook modifier on each vertex but (depending on the weights I used) the curve either bent toward the original position, or the curve bent into a weird S shape when I bent the elbow. I then tried using an armature modifier with bone envelopes and that moved the curve itself (didn’t bend with armatures though, only rotated) but the circles on the start and endpoint circles didn’t move and the particles emitted from the original position even though the emitter moved with the armature.

Blender file: (My laptops acting weird, will upload as soon as I get home)