Getting animated models from 2.5 to 2.4

I need some way of getting an animated model out of Blender 2.5 and into 2.4

Here is the problem:

My modeler uses Maya. The only way to get a model from Maya to Blender is the .dae format. Blender 2.4 wont load these .dae models correctly, so I have to import them with Blender 2.5. I then need to get these models from Blender 2.5 into Blender 2.4 (or have some way of loading an animated .dae model into 2.4

If someone could please help I would be eternally greatful.



As the animation system has changed from 2.4 to 2.5, if the animation doesn’t work out of the box when you open the blend in 2.4 you’ll probably have to recreate or fix the animation manually

I understand that. Thats why I am asking for a work-around.

I don’t have time to recreate all the animations.

If you are comfortable with Python it’s possible to script it - I had to do this last year for the same reasons, getting animated cameras out of 2.5 and back into 2.4 - I basically made a simple exporter that exports the keyframes to a text format, and another script to read it back in to 2.4.

Here are the scripts I used, for reference, if you like but they’re a year old and the in-development API has probably changed since then: