getting answers to unanswered questions

If you have a question that goes unanswered is there anywhere that i can get an answer, or do i have to repost until I get a person who knows the answer.


You could try to guess or ask why it hadn’t got an answer first. There has to be a reason and finding which it is seems essential.
Do you have an example?

I suggest you get on IRC

Well, sometimes the question is beyond the average user, or not everyone looks at every question. I guess what i need is someone who has real knowledge of Blender to solve my problem. The example is in the textures section about uv mapping Take a look at it maybe you know.


For now let me tell you: there are here some very HOT users, way beyond average. Yet you are right: not everyone read every thread here. I know that I can’t.
Now let’s see…

lots of times too a new thread will get buried in amongst a rush of other posts, and get missed. Give it a few days, then post a bump update.

The answer to this specific question was (probably) posted one hour after your post …

Then - instead of looking into the manual - you asked how to solve your problem. Some people may consider this as unpolite, especially if they are more experienced?

And it would be really helpful if you post a blend-file somewhere.

Soylent, the answer was not posted anywhere. I have looked at the manual but it isn’t so specific to my problem. I was going to post my blend file but have tried another airplane made in only a few minutes to test and the same thing happens. My guess is this happens to anyone who makes a model in several different pieces then joins the meshes .try it out yourself by making a really quick model with many pieces to it, join the meshes, unwrap the make a quick color map. see if it works. There should be like five or 6 different meshes to join. that should help you understand what i need an answer to.If I unwrap seperately I will have to make several color maps and bumpmaps Right?
The test plane was going to a game for someone.


What you are describing is either a bug, or maybe a misconcept on your side.

It is absolutely no problem to join several meshes and unwrap them afterwards, or unwrap them first and join them later.

So without the file …

yeah thats all on freenode

#blenderchat (general)
#blenderchar (animators)
#blenderwiki (blender documentation) (general, finnish channel)
#smc (speed-modeling channel)

Take a look at the image it will help you understand my problem. On the top
is the way my test airplane looks in the 3d view in the textured draw type.
You will see the map fits perfectly. The white spots on the map were not filled in because this was only a test for a model I did but if you look at the model the filled in spots are exactly where they are supposed to be. Now for the problem, below is the rendered plane. Most of the plane is just white. Notice on top of the wing you can see the map, on the tail end it was filled in, but the side of the fuselage, engines, tail are just white. Why is it not rendering
those parts of the plane? Thew normals are okay. I should also add that this plane was made in pieces wings, tail, rudder, engines all separately.The joined those meshes into one mesh. I hope someone can help because the manual does not address this. This is the first time it has happened to me I did a plane months ago with no problem. there has to be an answer How exactly do I get on IRC? never did that before but i will


And again: you have multiple materials on your plane as a result of joining.

And please … POST THE BLENDFILE … :spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin:

I don’t get you Digiman…
You’ve received all the answers that you need: are you even taking any time to apply them? I know that they work, anyone who tried them knows that they are the solution to your problem: just make sure that your parts do not have any material linked to any of them before joining them into a single object and you will be fine.
Do you want a solution to your problem or what?


Hmm… alright. I’ll try to be nice to you.

I did this little video on how you can solve your problem…
The nice thing about videos is that you can see every single step and you can
watch it over and over and …

Here it is


Thanks to everyone that responded. I can’t post the blend file because my website is down now. I never had aproblem like this before even though I made many models. i will go back and try to get rid of multiple materials

t3d, the video you posted does not download completely only about 140kb then is stops
so I can’t view it Thanks anyway though



I’ll try upload it somewhere else then…

Try download from here: