Getting Aquainted and Creating Connections

Hello all,

My name is John Konke. I have been using blender for a little over a year now for low-poly 3d model design. Up till now I’ve been doing unlicensed freelance game programming and 3d modeling but starting the third week of January I will be getting my legitimate LLC. I would just like to make some networks in possible recruitment areas. Right now I’m on a laptop with a keyboard that is a bit difficult to type on so in a day or two I will post more information, but for now I wanted to say hello, and get acquainted with the community.

John Konke,
Lost Climate Games.

Well, hello, John.
Welcome to Blender Artists. Saying hello is not exactly a “game engine resource,” so you might consider letting this thread die and posting another thread over in Off-Topic Chat. I had no idea one needed a license to do freelance programming. Learn something every day.
Cheers. Merry Christmas and all that.

Thanks for the welcome, this post isn’t exactly 100% a hello post. This post is more of a “will be looking for help soon” thread. I didn’t see a help wanted area of the forum so I thought that this would be the most relevant to a Job opportunity in game development area.

Some explaining to do:

I have over the last year been doing freelance 3d modeling and coding using Blender, Gimp, and 3DGS ( Now I’m to the point were I have a few relationships with some of the commercial publishers that use 3DGS as there main engine. I have hopes in January to start off my own “Studio” or “Company” or “Team” (even though most of the work that I recruit for the early projects will be contracted freelancers). To that end this will not be something that I will start on my own with. I plan on using some of my contacts, and some of the funding I have accrued over some of my last few projects to make a merged effort on a game that will survive until release date. In saying that, that’s how I consider myself a resource in the sense that people looking for freelance work with blender can come to me when I hire on. Granted I’m not sure if this is were this topic belongs, but I certainly don’t believe its off topic of using blender. If there is a better thread that the community would rather have this in, I’d gladly switch.

As far as the license goes, to do freelance work you don’t need a license, but, you also need to pay taxes and all the money you make. Since I am turning myself into a legitimate LLC. I need to go about filling out several forms to make my “Company” into its own entity away from me. This way all money spent on the “Company” and all money spent to further its work does not need tax applied to it. It also makes dealing with others much easier as having an LLC is the professional way of doing business especially if I plan to hire on other workers.

Even smarter Spam?
well, it’s a “love and peace” season…I’ll let this here…until Plant watch it?!

well, it’s a “love and peace” season…I’ll let this here…until Plant watch it?!

PP will come soon ! :evilgrin:

Why would this be spam? I think it is a bit rude to spam my post though.

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No, Plant, please…he’s new…don’t do it Plant…

it’s not that we don’t like new visitors , but this thread doesn’t contain anything , if he have showed us any of his work then it will be another case , turin be logical , just imagin that we have two of this kind of threads a day , it will be a miss ! …
we are always helping new comers , even this lets say …
but starting a new thread in here like that is very annoying !
some new comers don’t even know how to navigate through a tutorial pages , we will help when we can , but if someone want to start a project , he must show us something of hiswork , …

that’s why we sometimes do this ! …
btw , i’m not mad :slight_smile: .

Yah, neither am I. It sounds like the stuff that you’re doing is really cool!

So even though the thread has nothing to do with my work as an individual, you think its okay to get ruin my thread? Apparently this isn’t the type of community I’d like to work with. Regardless, I will probably post some of my work in a DIFFERENT THREAD that has actually something to do with my previous work.

ok , edited … :slight_smile: , btw , it was a spam can picture no more …

Thank you.

Feel free to leave in that case.

This is a hobbyist community. We don’t really need you.

Although, you might want to consider changing your presentation when you address other communities - if you plan on getting anyone even remotely interested in working with you.

That whole “I am <insert your name here>, and my game company is called <insert game company name here>” textbook presentation, will only make you look more professional if:

  • You already have a few significant projects under your belt.
  • You clearly present what your next project actually is.
  • You state exactly what positions are available, along with the pay offered for each position.Otherwise, the aforementioned presentation just makes you look like a clown with delusions of grandeur…And yea, a bit of a spammer too.

If you can’t satisfy the 3 prerequisites above, your best bet is to start working on a game by yourself (at least until you reach a small demo stage). Then with that to show, maybe you can attract some developers (in communities like this one) to help you transform that demo into a full fledged game.

*Keep in mind: Your level of humility when attempting to recruit developers should be inversely proportional to the amount of money you’re offering as compensation for their skills.

That said; the decision as to what you should do is yours to make. However, from what I’v seen in this thread so far, I wouldn’t want to work with you.


and mate.

Well as far as the prerequisites you have mentioned, I have yet to post all of my information as I was only trying to get a small introduction into the community. More information about my past experience etc. will come within the next month, but trust me when I say I am not having “Delusions of Grandeur”, I have experience. I understand what it’s like to have a not-experienced user come onto a forum and say something like they are making the next WOW killer, as I said I have been around the block, I know what I’m talking about, and I tried to show In my post that this will not be something that is asking for free help, or just starting out type things.

Lol, yea, we’ll be sure to mark our calendars.

Unless you can back such statements with concrete evidence, they are mere spam.

ok this is probably not my place to calm the waters, but i think if you knew how many people come in with the hole I’m looking for a team to make my games wanna help you would understand why most people get so fustrated. it seems every one and there dog is looking for a group to help with games (i have to admit it would be fun to have other people help with mine too) but i don’t ask because I’m not in a position where I’m good enough to actually be a benefit to any one i work with. all any one wants to see is how your different and if your actually dedicated to get a game made all the way through. saying I’ll have something up in a month isn’t exactly showing you’ve made anything worth showing yet and it kind of makes it seem like your going to whip something up over the month thinking you might make something good this way. these post are very common and wouldn’t suggest anyone do a post like this until they have something worth showing under there belt and have already done so.

I understand the frustration, I too have had to tell newcomers to calm down in there “quest to make the perfect game”. But there is an obvious difference in posts here.

  1. Though I have no proof of work, how many newcomers come in saying they have background experience?

  2. When someone says that the work is paid, it’s usually a good sign that they are not new to this type of work.

  3. What I plan on doing isn’t overly ambitious, It is simply starting with some casual games. From there you work your way up, I have seen it work in several occasions for companies I’ve done work for.

The reason it will take me a month or so is three-fold.

  1. I need to get in contact with the people I’ve done work for and make sure they grant me the rights to do a demo-reel. Some titles are not released yet, and having signed a NDA I have to ask permission before I publish proof of any of my work.

  2. Part of the funding I am getting is coming the a grant matching what I put in, unfortunately I have used that match for this fiscal year and cannot use it again until the fiscal year switches over early in February. Once that gets done I can put up my site and start working out a Budget for 2008.

  3. I still need to finish going through my previous contacts to rally support for this project, up until now everything has been going perfect, so I don’t see this being an issue but, it will probably take until about mid-January to finish negotiations.

Again, I understand why people are skeptical because I have seen the same type of people, but please try to understand that there are some fundamental differences from everything between planning, to experience, to funding.

Hello again, John.
Off-Topic Chat is the usual place for people to post “I’m looking for help” whether paid or unpaid. That said, a thread there probably wouldn’t have been spared the “so show me what you got” posts from members who have seen too many of this kind of thing spring up and die soon after.

The community does have a lot of good people in it. Many of them, however, have been burned by someone coming along, taking their work, and nothing come of it. So, once burned, twice shy.

Hang in there. Cheers. :smiley: