Getting around frustum culling for text


Is there a way to disable frustum culling? Or make certain objects exempt from it? I’m trying to find a way to display a uv text object without having the object disappear when the plane it is attached to goes out of frame.


Frustum culling is used to stop objects that AREN’T in frame from rendering. They don’t “disappear,” they just aren’t rendered, thus speeding up the engine.

I can’t think of a single reason to disable it.

Because, a text object goes outside of the mesh.

As you can see here:

The rendered text is outside the bounds of the mesh, so when the first couple letters are out of the frustum bounds, it stops rendering the text.

edit: The problem in action. - Address on the far left. Mesh is just barely in frame. - Camera turns just a tad to the right, text disappears.

Well, I found a way around it. I just added a single unconnected vertex to the mesh where the text terminates. That way the text object’s mesh never leaves the frustum. Thanks to OOPz on the irc channel for helping out on that one.

Now that’s a very useful solution… I’ll have to remember that.