Getting around the occlusion of objects 'offscreen'?

My problem is, Blender stops rendering an object if its origin is off-screen. This is OK for most stuff, but for armature ragdolls where the mesh has to be stationary to prevent ugly ‘snapping’ when a ragdoll moves, this is a serious problem, as a ragdoll can move quite a bit. Is there a way to disable this occlusion for individual objects? Screenshots:
shot 1: 2 ragdolls, both origins on-screen.

shot 2: 2 ragdolls, one of which has an off-screen origin; as you can see, the armature ragdoll mesh is invisible. Only the head remains visible as it is a separate object.

Yeah. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks, much appreciated.

No, it skips rendering when the bounding box is completely outside the camera frustum.

We know that the skin mesh bounding box does not get updated during the game. So you need to ensure the initial bounding box is large enough for any animation you want to play. You can do that by placing separated vertices or edges where you want the boundaries. They will not be rendered but influence the bounding box calculation.

Overall your design is not sufficient. Typically you animate the armature by translating the transformation of other objects to bones of the armature. There is really no reason to avoid moving the armature.

What you can do is to parent the armatures to one of the objects. Then you translate the transformation relative from this object origin rather than relative to scene origin. This way the skin mesh will not leave the original bounding box (unless it is to small).

As far as I remember this is ask from time to time, here in the forum.

Ah, thank you. I had my perception of this all wrong XD
Also, as to the armature-parenting:
I tried this and it proved extremely ugly. It looked… laggy. Of course, this was not the case; my best idea is that the armature ragdoll would update bone positions, and then the armature itself would update its position to its parent; since the child position update occurred second, it meant the bone positions were off just a tiny bit each frame, making for a jittery mesh. Just my idea, that is.
Anyway, thanks for the help, and I apologize for asking an old question; I didn’t find any threads but perhaps I was searching for the wrong thing.