Getting back in Blender

Hi! I used to be pretty active on here about 10 years ago…I’ve kept up to date on Blender developments since then but it’s been a long time since I’ve done any actual work with it.

I want to get back into learning and using Blender, I feel that 2.8 is a great time to jump back in. The problem I’ve always had over the years whenever I try to do that is, I am pretty comfortable in Blender, i.e. I know where everything is, I just never got very advanced in how to use it all (or I forgot what I did know)
So watching basic tutorials is painful, but watching more advanced tutorials is also hard because I feel I am lacking fundamentals that aren’t covered in that.

Curious if anyone is familiar with this situation and has any advice…thanks!

I would recommend that you do try and trudge through the “advanced” stuff every once in a while even if you don’t understand what’s going on. If there’s a part you don’t understand then googling will almost certainly yield the results you’re looking for.

That’s what I did and also recommend that you don’t always skip over beginner stuff. You think you know everything but there’s sometimes a feature or a clever trick that you were unaware of. This still happens to me and if it’s that excruciating I highly recommend that you watch beginner tutorials on 1.5X speed or higher. Some of these guys talk really really slow and you might be able to bump that up to 2.0X speed.

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I was/am in a similar situation. I subscribed to CG Cookie. Half way through their modeling course and learning loads. I think the Level is right. It starts off basic but quickly gets to the next step.

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you need to keep using it follow all the little short videos n different aspects of 2.8
still very new with many bugs
but you keep learning and with time it will come back very fast

don’t forget the new EEVEE it is a real time renderer
so very fast compare to cycles and almost same quality
but in seconds of render
but need some good intro tut to it to get the quality!

so good luck
happy bl

I am actually in a similar position to you, so I will give you some thoughts on how i got into it. I trained as an animator about 15 years ago, and started off that way in my career. I always liked the look of Blender but couldnt never get used to. It was just too weird, and the whole right click thing…

Although my career evolved into other things and 3d took a side step, I never lost of advancements in blender and other programs. I got pretty good at 3DS Max and Silo 3D which made it harder to learn blender. It’s taken a couple of months but ive perserved and now im really enjoy it. I can honestly say the biggest thing thats helped with this is making use of the HeavyPoly config. Give it a shot.