Getting back into 3D modeling(blender)

Hey guys. I’m doing a 3D animation course at Media Design school and where learning mainly the user interface software Maya 2012. Other than that I like using Blender for the 3D modeling totaly my style. I ve been wanting to know what is the best way to come up with your own ideas cuz i want to get back into modeling in blender. See our course teaches us Concept art a bit too short and i am very interested in concept art + all 3D modeling and lighting, texture etc, but because they teach mainly 3D animation.

I study 3D, But I want know the best way to start modeling in blender? Should I just grab a random orthographic view and start modeling that. But I feel this not my work. Don’t know how i should start. I was thinking of to better my skill level and furter it, is this forum best the place to ask people lets make a game or can i model there concept art? If so how would I be able to ask them that? what do i do?

This is for personal projects not for my school. I want to do something that revolves a team or my i go do my own stuff, cuz where learning maya interface atm, but i know blender but not too its full potential. Modeling and a bit of lighting, need to learn texturing oh never been a fan of full body animation, but willing to do guns, tanks etc. Couldnt find help forum but here?

Thank you… :slight_smile:

Hey, good intentions :slight_smile:

Yes, I understand your feeling. Many “media” education trajectories tent to focus on a a small part of what is available to you, because of the area of expertise and skill set of the teachers / professors.

Are you experienced with Blender, or just starting out?
(To give proper advice, fitting your current level of expertise)

For modeling, everyone has personal preferences, but using orthogonal / isometric images as preview in the viewports’ background might still be the best way to start modeling.
Therefor in Blender you can use the Quad View:
To enable this: hover mouse over any viewport, make sure that your right-side menu is visible (press n while the mouse is over the viewport to toggle the menu).
Here you find under “Display” the button: “Toggle Quad View”.

Then go to “Background Images” (a bit lower in the same right-side menu);
here you can use the check-box to enable background images, add them “add image” and select for which viewport they should show up.

But there is much more possible of course.
(hence my initial question, what your current level of expertise is when it comes to Blender). :slight_smile:

For Games made with Blender, the Blender Game Engine (BGE) forum section might be the most interesting to ask around about game projects.

And since you want to do guns and tanks,…
make sure to check the Verge of War project! :wink:

Until you get very fluent with 3d modeling (and probably even then), the best way to come up with ideas is probably to first sketch them. First sketch until you have a clear concept idea, then make clean front/side/top sketches… make sure you have a clear idea how the whole thing fits together.

The tip about using images like these as reference images within Blender is great, but not totally crucial. Even if you just have the sketches on paper beside the computer, it gives you a solid goal for your modeling. But yeah - absolutely learn the technical tricks to work with reference material.

If you just want to sharpen you modeling skills, model ANYTHING. Real-life objects are great, because it gives you superior reference material. Most other things can be hunted down with some googling. For weapons and vehicles there’s even a lot of blueprints to be found.

My advice, especially with guns, tanks, mechanical, etc is to focus first on simple shapes. Understand how parts are shaped, what there purpose is, and how they function. If you get this out of the way before you even start modeling it will make it much easier to get it right pretty quickly instead of spending hours in frustration.

Also another tip avoid using Booleans at any cost. Only if pure trash is an acceptable product should you consider using Booleans. I have yet to see a shape that cannot be modeled without Booleans.

also recommend that you learn all the new tools in 2.63
there is a lot more tools available now and takes a while to get used to!

but overall 2.63 is a lot more powerfull then old 2.49
also check out the wiki for scripts as tools for 2.63

happy blendering

If you want to get good at modeling and want to create something awsome for your showreel at the same time then I have a little trick/hint for you.

Model something that is made of lego like a bionicle.

The reason is that they are modular so you can do one piece at a time without getting overwhelmed.
They are also relatively simple once they are brocken down into their diffrent parts and often the same part is used more than once.
They look really complicated once they are all together which looks good on a showreel.
The pieces are often used in other kits so you could do another monster and only model a few extra pieces.
They are characters which always look more impressive on a showreel.
You can buy them dirt cheap and use a calipers to get really accurate measurements.
You can get a lot of mileage out of them on your showreel, I still have mine on my showreel nearly ten years after i did it as my FIRST 3D MODEL!
You will need to learn all the basics to model the parts so they are a good thing to start with.
You can use it for your first rig/character animation at a later date once you master modeling.
They look cool as hell when modeled well and rendered.
They are not over used, some stuff is seen over and over. That is not good for a showreel piece.