getting better textures maybe this is what is wrong?

I noticed some textures are very high resultion but blury and I did find out using power of 1 or so (square image is better for the uv layout.

now I have 3 questions and maybe someone can point me in the right direction?

  1. I am not sure if I should be using 3point lighting over an area close to camera when using hdr enviroment lighting becuase…
    I heard a sun lamp helps bring out the bump map compared to a flat light?plane.

  2. is using one image say like a wood texture for furniture it seems better quality compared to using a image texture that has various planks of wood. or maybe I am not using my pixel density so I started using in the uv editor snap to pixel and constraint to image bounds to use up the whole image in the uv editor.

when doing this is it also better to make a new image uv layout like pic (below) to get the picture dimensions than using the regular uv editor to use up the whole pixel density and also, learn baking for light, ambient occlusion and so on to help textures and memory on rendering and any normal maps I do from high poly to low poly mesh? ? or maybe I should learn using the grid texture to make sure my grid squares are even in size and clarity?

  1. and last one is pictures I guess that are bigger than 8 bit say 32 bit is better for composting so will composting doing color grade and texture node for rgb and clarity , should that help with final renders of a scene?

I haven’t learned yet composting or render layers so maybe this could be why I am not happy with my textures just using crazy-bump for my maps and a hdr enviroment light, so maybe these will help?


It is entirely possible for an image to have an extremely high resolution 20,000 x 20,000 pixels say, and still be blurry because it was shot out of focus, or had a blur filter run on it.

It’s is also entirely possible that your image texture is not blurry and that your material/camera/lighting/compositing is causing it to appear blurry when used as a uv texture in renders.

Post an example blend, screenshots or something to illustrate your problem.


for some reason i am not getting replys back so i checked my settings and saw your post on my question, here is the blend file.