Getting Blender to run, old laptop

I can typically get Blender to run when I am doing some very basic mesh work, without being in Material Preview mode. Then it often lags and even crashes. This is when I still have pretty basic scenes.

I’ve been trying to use MB Lab recently and every single time, as soon as I turn on Material preview it stalls and then crashes.

I have upgraded the RAM as much as I can in this laptop. And switched the HDD to a SSD.

I am willing to try using a much older version of Blender, since in then end, its not so much the animation that I want as scenes where I can pose my characters (and obviously in 3d).

If there are other settings I can do to my laptop, or blender I appreciate that as well.

Hi, there are a few things you can try, but it will be easy if we can see a screenshot of your scene and character in wireframe.
One option will be to pose your character on its own in a new file and then append it to the scene and move to the location you want in the scene.
You can also try working in wireframe mode.
And use the simply mode.

But I can’t even get as far as completing a character without blender crashing. If I want to see it in Material preview it crashes.
I’ve had another character I downloaded from turbosquid (for free), but that model isn’t suitable for posing (as I found out later). But that one gave me no trouble with material preview. I just couldn’t pose.

I can’t find free CHILD models. At least with MB Lab I can change the size down, and adjust the other measurements so it is more child like.
I have been trying to take the base MB Lab character. Keep it in solid object (I can’t finalize, I get errors). and export it to glb and then edit it in Nomad on my tablet.

( Always clever to post the specs and versions or even look at… requirements … and i’m not talking about GPU rendering…)

Seems to be you drivers… Under linux i’m using Blender up 3.4 beta mostly with a i3-3220… (under linux) which do have a Intel HD 2500 Graphics… (and an other one with an older GTX) also using MB Lab and MakeHuman sometimes…

Ouhh… and i hope this isn’t Windows 7… (there seems to be an unofficial re-compiled version of ?? which may… )

You may also try to test a linux live version (no install) and run a unzipped (linux) version of blender on it… (but there you also have to look at any requirements page) :person_shrugging:

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Windows 10.
Clean install after I upgraded the ram and SSD to the max RAM my laptop can support I ended up doing a clean install of Windows again because the drive cloning didn’t work.

I can try getting Linux onto the laptop as well. I have a Chromebook that I have Linux on, and for a while I could run Blender on there, until it spontaneously decided my graphics card didn’t support OpenGL 3.3 anymore. Literally , it ran fine one day. Let ChromeOS update that night (which is mostly a matter of rebooting). the next day It wouldn’t run. and nothing I have tried can I get it to run again. It’s totally baffling

Which is sad, because it ran much better there.

I will dive deeper into getting LInux onto this machine. I don’t use it for much anyhow. So Linux would be fine.

I’ve got an older laptop and the newer versions simply wont run on it. 2.8 will run but painfully slow.
Version 2.79 works just fine on it though, so for that laptop, I stick with that, which allows me to get work done if I have to use the laptop.