Getting Bone Transformations in IK Chain

I’ve got two armatures - one that’s designed for an animator to use, and another that’s designed for use in a game engine. They’re identical except that the one for the animator has IK constraints, drivers, and bone shapes. The bone hierarchy is the same and the bone names are exactly the same (there are a few mechanism bones in the animator’s armature that don’t exist in the game armature, but generally missing bones in an animation are just ignored, right?)

One thing I’ve noticed is that if I create an animation using the animator’s armature, the bones that are part of IK chains do not have any transformations on them even though they’re moving throughout the animation as a result of the IK solver.

I want to be able take the animations created with the animator’s armature and use them on the original armature. Applying the action created on the animator’s armature back to the game armature results in odd behavior because the bones that are part of the IK chain don’t move on the game armature.

Is there any way to create an action created with the armature using IK chains that can be used on the other armature? Some way to “bake” the transforms into the animation’s bone deltas?


Okay. Figures. About five minutes after I hit “Submit”, I found the “Bake Action” menu item. It seems to be what I was looking for.