Getting crazy about activating/deactivating objects with python on a blender add on

Hey Guys. Working on my add on, and I’m slightly getting mad because I have things that gave different results and should not…
So I have scripts, in scripts, in scripts. When I execute 2 levels on blender, it works just fine and instantly. But when I add my last level, the same script that was instantaneous takes about 10 minutes.
For what I have found now, it might be that the way that I use to duplicate my object (copy it and affect the data, I don’t animate) is not enough to get the same object after.

def func_duplicateNfinish(obj,params):
    #initiate it's coordinate to 0 =["Empty"]
    if bpy.context.active_object is not None:
        bpy.context.scene.cursor.location = bpy.context.active_object.location = active_obj
    #use active object as base
    new_obj = bpy.context.active_object.copy() =
    bpy.ops.object.select_all(action='DESELECT') =[] kind + "_" + + "_style_" + version

    bpy.ops.object.origin_set(type='ORIGIN_CURSOR', center='MEDIAN')
    #move the object to the new coordinates and rescale
    bpy.context.object.location[0] = float(xvalue)
    bpy.context.object.location[1] = float(yvalue)
    bpy.context.object.location[2] = float(zvalue)
    bpy.context.object.scale[0] = float(xscale)
    bpy.context.object.scale[1] = float(yscale)
    bpy.context.object.scale[2] = float(zscale)

Also I’m not 100% sure if the way I use to deactivate all active objects/activate the one I need is done the right way. here the example to deselect everything, and activate only an object ref_obj to work with :

bpy.ops.object.select_all(action='DESELECT') = ref_obj

If you have propositions, I’m kind of tired to lose myself in things that should be easy to do :confused: I’m sure I’m missing things, but I worked hard. At first i was using the duplicate function to copy and I was always modifying my initial object and letting the copy… I finally succeeded to take the right object, but now the modifiers don’t work nicely.
Help me please :slight_smile:

I’m having some trouble understanding your post.

What do you mean by “levels” here?

What is your script supposed to do?

If you cannot create a minimal reproducible example, please show all of your code.

well i did improve a lot of things by changing scripts i used, so i finally solved issues by myself, mostly. my problem is sometimes a variable issue. and mostly a lack of knowledfe on how blender use things.