Getting crazy

I think i need help.
Whatever i do is related to Blender.
When i wake up, i turn my computer on, and go here on blenderartist or RightClickSelect…
Can’t do anything else than peeking at the forum and try to help people around. What did Blender did to me ? Am i humanizing ?
When i’m done watching the forum, i start Blender and do some stuff… then notice a bug in an addon, so i come back here and post a bug report on the addon’s topic.
When i finally manage to get myself less emotional, i go on youtube, and notice that MACHIN3 didn’t post video today about DecalMachine. So i begin feeling bad.
And when i do, i go back on youtube, and read comments by 3DS max users and everything is fine again, and i can finally sleep and dream in orange and blue, and start another day.

HELP ME… please :cry:

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If you’re being serious, then you’re not exactly alone. I’m not as obsessed as you are, but I must admit I check this forum way too often throughout the day. As well as my Twitter feed, Bnation, Btoday and so on…
During this time, though, it almost makes sense considered we’re stuck at home (I hope you’re staying at home too).

But the problem exists and I think there are two reasons for that:

  1. It’s in Blender’s nature. We are used to so many updates from the Blender community. It’s a great thing, don’t get me wrong: all the developers, add-on contributions, tutorials, news… I’ve never experienced such a crazy amount of information on a 3D community. It’s a great thing indeed, but of course, it can be overwhelming and it can cause issues like the one you (and myself) are experiencing
  2. The nature of the Internet. We tend to spend too much time on our computers, phones, tablets anyway.

I’m still able to control the time I spend and get my job done. But for my personal work, it’s not working. As soon as I’m done with my day job, the rest is a waste of time.

You know already what can help: trying to seriously focus on personal projects. Give yourself a deadline. Maybe start with little tasks, nothing too pretentious. One thing that helped me a lot was to create simple scenes. I would take inspiration from photographs and I would focus one or two basic tasks at a time (maybe just the lighting, or the texture, or camera lens and so on). I would personally stay away from the 365 thing though: if you miss a day it can feel like a failure. At least for me. That is why I’d rather try to be consistent but without stressing too much. Plus, if I start having fun with a scene I can keep finessing it.

I’m not sure that helps :confused:
I hope it does.

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i think you are just tired i mean …psychologically tired .If i were you i would do these:
step 1: take a break from computer graphic world
step 2: watch [email protected] movie

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This superpower of enthusiasm is what distinguishes masters from noobs. All of the masters are driven by obsession more than skill or anything else.

However this superpower must be utilized in some final form so at least you can justify doing something based on results. Which in the end anything put in the portfolio are facts not just pretty images.

Hi, it looks like you have a ‘situation’ here, sir . Only finished, beautiful projects will feed that hunger you’ve shared with us;
Personnally i feel more addicted to that ‘blender’ thing, since i entered in ‘Carver MT’ , which comes now with the typical install (starts under ctrl+shift X) for hard surface carves . Cheers !

Let me add something to this April 1st topic…

it’s useless… your soul has been taken by Blender…
Before it took my soul, I was trying everything… I hung up chains of garlic… put Autodesk crosses under my pillow, installed a huge mirror on the ceiling and read the Adobe Bible of Digital Pixel Exorcism (the Anti-Alias chapter: "…and as the world turned pixelated, the saviour or smooth transitions lowered himself to the plains blessing us with interpolation…)