Getting curve guides to work

Every time I come to try and put curve guides on a character, they refuse to work. They work first time on simple uv spheres, or uv spheres where the geometry hasn’t been altered much.

For example, I currently have a head that I want to put hair on. I make a vertex group on the model of the head, and assign some verts to it; this is the group from which to emit the hair. Now, I set up the particles in a normal way (static particles: show mesh, vect, lower step, adjust length of hair, from faces), setting the emit from to the vertex group. Now I then create a curve, 3d turned on, put the points into place, then make the curve a curve guide. Nothing happens. Not even after adjusting any of the settings.

I’ve studied Proog and the tutorials, but I still can’t get this to work. This is the fourth model that I’ve done so far that I cannot get these hairs on.


Can you post a blend?

Uploading some now. I hope my webspace doesn’t blank out though…

EDIT: go to


Wrong layer. Forces are layer specific.


I might upload a few more files for checking later…