Getting erros when blender starts plus cant start tutorials.

hey all

I am new to Blender and 3D in general - I got onto blender through a friend who said it would be a good palce to start.

Thing is though, when I start blender I get this error…

‘import site’ failed; use -v for traceback…

That is in the console widnow…

And if I try to start a tutorial via the help menu link, IE Help then getting started, or one of the other tutorial mlinks under help, I get the following error…

Error pythons cript error check consol…

In the console it gives this…

Syntax error: invalid syntax
Traceback <traceback most recent call last>
File “<string>”, line 43, in ?
AttributeError: #module’ object has no attribute ‘open’

I am wondering if this has anything to do with my other install of Python??

See I have Python2.4 and PythonWin installed on this system already.

I am trying to teach myself python as well yous ee.
But at the moment I am a complete noob with it…

Can anyone advise me on a way out of this, so I can use the tutorials under HELP.

Also will that error stop me from using Blender??

Thanks in advance…

the error you get in the console [it’s really a warning] is because blender isn’t seeing your python installation

blender currently uses python 2.3; 2.4 will not work right

[blender can be compiled to use 2.4, and it will start using it at some point [after the next release, but maybe not the release after], but it doesn’t now]

The help menu isn’t working because it isn’t finding correctly the python module to start a web browser

If I remember right that error means you have not set the Python path on your computer, so you cannot use any of the Python features. The rest of Blender will function perfectly fine. Here is the Python Path 101 thing:


Can someone tell me exactly what buttons to click to find this PYTHON button??

I mean the proper names of the buttons on the most current version of blender…

I can see my (i) Info button top left, so were do I go from there??

Thanks in advance…


Answered you in the Python forum.