Getting extruded plane smooth

(Monzta) #1

I have a problem with getting my extruded plane smooth. I have created a plane and exrtuded it. Then I extruded it again and scaled the new created plane smaller. All in all it should look like a sword, but when I render it, it is not smooth. Subdivision smooth does not work and with Manual- and Autosmooth, there is no effect :frowning: . What can I do???
(I hope my English is understandable, can you write in German, too???)

(S68) #2

That’s pretty strange:

try to

  1. in Edit mode select all vertexes, and recalculate normals (CTRL+N)

  2. the SetSmooth etch stuff must be made OUT of editmode or IN editmode but with all vertex selected


(Monzta) #3

I have followed your instructions but it does not word. Maybe I must model it in another way without extruding??? But how??? Does anybody know???

(RipSting) #4

No, this definitly should work by extruding. Make sure you’re out of edit mode (TAB), select your model, and press “set smooth” in the edit buttons (F9).

What autosmooth does is leave edges over 30° hard edges and sets edges <= 30° to smooth (as long as you’ve hit “set smooth”). You can adjust the threshold also.

(Monzta) #5

Thanks for help