Getting familiar with Jeskola Buzz

after removing a corrupted file i finally got it to work! Considering its 12:30 am I could have done better but what the hell right? here are two songs. same main rhythm just one has percussion and one doesnt not. and the gain is reduced on the second. Each is 9 seconds long. Only about 1 hour of work.

Techno Tribe
Techno Tribe (Revised)

I got the name Techno Tribe from the fact that my pressing of buttons had a somewhat tribal end result. If you use itunes or another software that recognizes idv2man tags you’ll see the name Echo Kilo as artist. i figured thats an okay techno guise. :wink:

what program do you use?

From the title I guess he’s using Jeskola Buzz. :slight_smile:

Didn’t know it was a standalone. :expressionless:
Well I mixed it with Flstudios Buzz generator Adapter :expressionless: .

Hmm, Jeskola buzz…
never heard of it, but if it took you an hour to make 18 seconds of music, I’d switch to a different program.

its a difficult program to use. any recommendations? something good for techno and ambient music. free too please.

Buzz is just fine for what you are doing. It is a very deep and complex program, so it’s normal that you are spending quite a bit of time putting stuff together. After all your subject did state you are getting aquainted with the program at the moment. Just keep at it and it’ll become second nature as you develop a good knowledge of your tool.

I tried Buzz myself a while back. Did not stick with it as I am not much of a techno guy. I have a lot of the same capabilities in the form of vintage 80’s synths. Also the MIDI integration in Buzz seemed a bit happazard. I still have a fairly extensive backlog of music on my Atari 1040ST (which is all MIDI based) so I rely on that old machine quite a bit.

I must say that Jeskola Buzz is just wonderful music tool. You can do everythin with it. Composing, recording, mastering etc. I’ve been using Buzz several years now and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Here is few of my tracks if you are intrested. Artist projects are under my pic on the left, if you don’t understand Finnish. :wink:

…I guess I might stray from sonar 4 for a while and try this out…