getting fiber on certain parts of the model ONLY ?

i was wondering how i could get the fiber script to show fibers on certain parts of my model i have…its basically a worm-ish caterpillar and i only want the fibers to show up on the sections of his body…how would i do this ?

i tried vertex colors…and it didn’t seem to work

I would have told Vertex colors, but you have tried, and I never tried :slight_smile:

So, my technique is boolean

cut away the part of mesh where you want hairs on… once it’s a separate object you have no problems!


hmm, ill have to try that…then maybe when im finished i can just join it back ?


sorry, I was unclear

I duplicate the mesh, then to the cut, keep the tiny parts were hair must grow on one layer and the whole model on another, then I use the script and move the created hairs on original layer

Beware, to use fibre more than once you must rename the fibre created object(s) or they will be overwritten!


Are you sure you pressed “Use vertex colours” because vertex colours work for me.

hmm, i like S68’s idea…

and jediDawn…maybe an example ? or an explanation ? i can’t get it to work right…

here in the “Use VCol (Vertex Colors)”-section they tell how it works. However, sometimes the script simply ignores the VCol.
I just start over when this happens.

try duplicating vertexs and then seperating the duplicated vertexs that you will use in fiber. take the seperate mesh that you just made and generate fiber from it then delete the extra mesh.