Getting Frustrated Modeling in 2.91 (Rotating view +)

Blender 2.91 is what I am using right now. I am modeling something and I miss maneuvering objects as I model them the way I used in pre-2.79 I think.

I find it a bit un-intuitive to use the rotate gizmo thingy to rotate my object whereas in the past I could middle-mouse and rotate the object on the fly! Now I have to move my pointer away from the object and head top left corner of the view port. Rotate. Move back. Model. Go back and rotate to view. Back to modeling…

Then flat and smooth shading was beautiful then. Now I have to activate another gizmo then head back to the object and fiddle with some handle to alter the shading of the object.

I am just not feeling in control anymore…

Yeah, don’t worry about that, I think it did that to everyone :laughing:
Myself, when I came to 2.8 version, there was a big change and I was really confused… :expressionless:
So, with a little training and time passed in blender, I finally got to be used to this version. :wink:
Like it did to me, I think with time spend on blender, you will surely used to this new version. :grin:

personnaly i never rotated any object with middle mouse and even now in 2.9.1 i use the R-KEY shortcut ^^

So there’s no option to change preferences?
I think this change is beneficial for people that use a laptop without a mouse.

With the R key you are able to rotate the object only. With the middle mouse middle it was the whole scene. It felt like I was actually holding the object I was working on.

I guess I will go with the R key if no option is available.

Wait. I was thinking of switching from Blender 2.79 to new blender, but this honestly sounds like a reason not to… There should be an option to orbit the camera with the middle mouse button…

Navigation with middle mouse button is the default, and that default hasn’t changed. The only way you’d not be getting that is if you explicitly picked a non-default keymap.

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oh sorry you said:

Then you want to rotate the whole 3D view ( and i guess you want the active object to be the rotation center :wink: ) yes it’s doable in 2.9 just like it is in 2.79

You just have to go to preferences and :

I use middle mouse button to rotate the 3D view :slight_smile:

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well in fact, I try my option and could not do it, forget what I’ve said… :upside_down_face:

Hey thanks for the tip. I went there to preferences and I noticed that I am setup to rotate the 3d view with the middle mouse button. Not sure if i can attach a screenshot to a forum reply.

Btu I wonder why its not working.

I tried to change as you suggested but blender wont accept middle mouse button as the key stroke to change from R key.

You know - I think I did use that earlier on but suddenly it isn’t working. So not sure am remembering correctly.

:wink: :+1:

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Let me see…

I think something is wrong with my mouse. :roll_eyes: :grimacing: I opened 2.69 and it doesn’t work either!
I will try (whenever) with another mouse and see.


Hey guys - the thing works!
It started working on its own.
And I used the same mouse.

0001-0794.mkv (2.7 MB)

Btw, I think the change was due to the adjustment I made in the keymap as suggested by @Kazrarr.
Yesterday the change didn’t pull through I guess.


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