getting indigo to work

hi all

just found out bout indigo and really want to use it, but it just doesn’t seem to be working properly for me.

i’m very familiar with internal/yafray engines and seem to be doing everything correctly…

i’m using blender 2.45, blendigo 1.01 and indigo 1.01 (found on these forums)

it exports and renders but doesnt pick up material setting.
if i change colour in blender indigo doesn’t pick it up, same with raymir / raytrans…

any advice?

(using xp sp2, python 2.5)

I think 1.01 is beta, try 0.9

It won’t matter what version you use, indigo doesn’t directly transfer blender material settings. To use blender materials in indigo, you need to bake them to a texture and then attach that saved texture to your uv mapped object, in the exporter (Blendigo). There’s a really good tutorial on how to do it at the indigo site. Have a look in the blender section of their forums.

thats only if you have blender-generated textures, for just the material settings (color spec reflection etc.) you select the object, and then click on the “materials” tab in blendigo, that lets you modify those settings.

(the reason I said to try 9.0 is that I’m not sure if blendigo 1.01 is complete, and might not have material support for some reason.)

Correct. I re read it after I posted and realised it may be overkill for what the OP
wanted to do. Still good to know, but. :slight_smile: