Getting into blender (first submission)

Hi everyone

This is my first submission, I just recently finished it (today…err…yesterday), and I thought I’d just introduce myself sorta with it. I have had blender for a little while now, but really haven’t done anything.


It’s just two pawns on a chess board. Rendered with blender internal, with a little raytacing. Just looks cool (now my desktop background).

C&C welcome, though im pretty happy with this little thing.

Nice, but the textures on the board are a little fuzzy though.

I’m new to Blender too (discovered it four months ago). I was going to post my site and ask for C&C, but if this is the standard of newbie work, I’m intimidated. The experts may think the board is fuzzy. I think it’s awesome.

looks good! :smiley: But indeed texture is a little bit fuzzy :wink: How long are you working with Blender?

Yea, i guess its a little fuzzy. And ive had blender for about two months i guess, but this is the first thing I actually made. The other things i made was like a couple of cubes, and some other little tests.

I’d use a shadow only spot to add some shadows.


hey, not a bad idea. I think i will try this when i get a little time set aside (tonight perhaps).