getting intrest


i have a idea for a game that i would like some help with i dont know when the project will start ever in about a couple weeks or after summer so i thought i would just post now to gain some intrest as these forums can be a little slow sometimes.

it’ll be a FPS

more info at a later date

If you want people to gain interest in your project, draw out concepts, designs and how you plan to tackle such a project first. Post those here and you may then get some people who are interested in helping.

Several times in the past people have come here with their vision of a game asking for help. They often don’t plan well enough to make anything of it, and most people don’t like dedicating their time to something which isn’t very well thought out.

Just a thought…

i am thinking it out and planning and that lot
this post isnt getting poeople wanting to help its more just so people know about it
im inpatiant cant keep it to my self
when i start actually looking for people the post will be side of A4
and the main idea on 2 sides of A4 (the secret info)

hope your idea in not as vague as your post about your idea… but at least we know the size of the paper you’re gonna use :wink:

There’s one major problem. Patience is something you need lots of in game development. You need to be able to solve complicated problems that inevitably pop up, and to accept that getting a small piece of your game done may take a lot longer than you thought it would…

Without patience, you’ll never finish a game.

these guys are right. These forums arnt really about getting people interested in your work. Its ok to do that, but you’d be better off introducing yourself and trying to contribute something (script example, open source files, something like that) or ask questions if you need to.

I remember one forum that made it against the rules to just post “I am working on …” withought proof (screenshot or demo etc.)

I definately agree with Andy83 about patience. When I started my latest game I thought it would be finished in a few days but I ran into all kinds of problems. In the end it took several weeks and that wasn’t a major project.


i do hate misunderstandings

when i say im inpataient what i mean is i cant wait to tell my idea
ihave started the scripts story boards and concept art. i wasnt going to reveal the game tell this was done but i couldnt wait.

ive once spent 3 months on one level for a game.