getting model pics in to this site?

hey all how do you exactly get your models in to this site on to a thread or post? ;):eek::wink:


Another newb!!!



There should be a button called Manage Attachments that will allow you to upload .blend files and picture files.

If not then you can upload your pictures to an external site and then press the insert image button near the top of the message screen.

You need to use the Advanced mesage box. There is then a paperclip icon which you use to manage attachments. This option is not available on all the forums. At the bottom left hand corner of the page it tells you what you can and can’t do.


ok but do you guys no how to get it from blender 2.49 to this site
srry i didnt say that in my first post lol i was tired

To save your render press F3.


ok then whats after that ?

Render / press F3 / browse to target location / press save / read earlier posts in this thread to tell you how to attach said render to a message.


Don’t feel bad about the seemingly curt replies - they’re not. Most people assume anyone coming here already knows everything about their operating system, the www and the programs on it. They tend to forget that there are young users here who probably have computer illiterate parents, old users who find computer protocol baffling, users from other countries where neither the schools nor the libraries have computers and where internet fees are so high that learning from the web is expensive.

So you have a scene, and you render it. That is usually saved in a lossless image format like .png or .tga. These are often not ideal for posting on the web because they can be huge files. So, either change the format to .jpg or use an Image manipulation or Paint program to convert it to .jpg. When you are ready to show it click “Go Advanced” >> Manage attachments >> Upload From Your Computer. Click the top “Browse” button and navigate to the Folder where you saved that .jpg file. Click it and click “Upload”. It will only upload successfully if it is within the size range for that format displayed at the bottom of the upload page. If it’s any bigger you’ll have to either render again after turning down the “Quality” percentage in the “Format” tab in the render buttons, or you can again use a Paint or Image manipulation program to reduce the size. The size we are talking about is the Bit (or File) Size not the Aspect eg: 640 X 800. That aspect size will also affect the bit size and for uploading 640 X 800 is about the biggest you need for most circumstances.

If you want to upload a .blend file you only want to include what’s relevant to the subject, so strip out all the objects and lighting setups that are unnecessary. Also, if you want those opening you blend to see your Textures (images UV Mapped or in Texture Slots or Nodes) you will have to Pack them. Goto File >> External Data >> Pack blend file, before uploading.


nice to see this