Getting money from your website

(bmax) #1

hay guys, i thought you might know… dyou know any good banner hosters (you know, like that pay you for having them on your site?

another thing: since i dont feel like reading all that paypal agreement shit, i came here to ask you, is it really free and safe and all that kinda crap? could you gimme some tips?

thx in advance

(wiensta) #2


I know these guys once rose €100,000 on paypal if thats proof enough

(bmax) #3

sounds cool, but err… who do you mean by “these guys”? but is the whole business safe?

(acasto) #4

I think he was talking about the BlenderFund raising 100,000 euros. I don’t know if the banner adds are really worth it, that might be something to ask Kib about. I would think though if you wanted to make a little through advertising, it might be good to get a site, make it real popular. Then make it to where you could show the statistics in a log. Then if you know peple who sell things or have little businesses, in which the internet might be a good medium for them, offer them a little banner add for $X/month.

(macouno) #5

Well… banner adds are really tough to make money from nowadays.

Think like this… no one pays per view anymore… it’s all, if someone clicks and then buys you get a percentage. And maybe 1 in 1000 people click and then 1 out of a 100 of those buy. Is that really worth the trouble??? If you want to try it though go to (commision junction) join them and you can get all sorts of banners from allied companies. I tried them for 6 months… good service but I didn’t make a penny.

Right now I’m trying something new for the site. has a real neat service. Basicly you give them a couple jpgs and tell them on what T’shirt/mug/bag whatever to print it, then you set the price (something above base price) they print/sell/ship it for you and you get the profit. There’s a 15 day free trial there after which it costs $5 to run a shop at their place…
I haven’t sold any as yet, but am already getting like 300% more clicks on my own adds than on’s before, so I’m hopefull. It’s prolly worth a look for you too.

(acasto) #6

Macouno is right. Something else to think about though, is perhaps if you know anyone or any companies, see if they will give you a commision to sell anythign. For example, I have a company that will let me sell their stuff with up to a 22% markup, so if I was to apply some marketing, to a targeted audience for that field of product, then I could make a lot more than a per click basis.

(bmax) #7

i really appreciate your help guys, its really lovely of you for giving me so much feedback, im really glad i found help here! :smiley:

(IMProvisar) #8

Well… not yet, but soon. :slight_smile: And I don’t think it’s all paypal, though I’m sure a large majority is. There are options on the Blender payment site for bank transfers and snail-mailing checks and money orders, I believe.