Getting my animation published?

How do you get your animation to publish i can only open mine in blender.

i render it as an avi file and upload it to Vimeo or Yourtube.

I’m assuming you want to save the animation as a video (to watch in other programs or to upload)

-First go to the render buttons

-The first tab should say ‘Output’ - and the first thing inside this tab should be a long box that says something like “/tmp/”

-Click on the little icon to the left side of this box and the file selection window should open

-Navigate to the folder where you want to save the animation and click ‘Select Output Pictures’

-Change the file format to whatever you want (in the Format tab of the render buttons - the default format is JPEG)
AVI is probably the best format for Windows (AVI Raw for higher quality) and Quicktime is probably best on Mac

-Click the ‘Anim’ button and it should render you animation to the folder you selected :slight_smile:

The Wiki link Papasmurf posted seems to explain it better than what I have so use that as well :slight_smile: