Getting my feet wet on Project Workflow

Getting my feet wet on Project Workflow

I am building a bicycle wheel and have been investigating how people setup a project to handle a task like this. The parts of the wheel I have made are:

To start off the Hub, Rim and Tire I have created a cross section then expand the part from there. With the Spoke I have extruded out the part using a cylinder mesh

I have been trying out the Append or Link process and find that making changes at the cross section level will indeed change the cross section in linked files but you can’t do anything with the object (like a spin or rotation) after it is linked unless you import the object so I can’t further develop the part downstream with the changes trickling though the entire part.

How do people workflow this process? If you make a change to the cross section do you have to work your way up the part again with the change?

Thanks for any advice.