Getting my head around Scaling

Hi all,

Merry Christmas first and foremost!

I’ve been using Blender on and off for a while now and have been having great fun. I’ve started to look into animation and reuse of BLEND files, creating Groups of object to reuse in Sets and scenes.

My biggest issue is understanding the scaling in Blender. I’ve not been worried about it before, but it’s becoming a pain now.

Ok, here’s the problem. I’ve created, say a Sliding Door. It’s got a frame which was derived from a Plane at a specific size, I entered the dimensions when I created it. After adding thickness to the frame, grooves for the doors to “Slide” in, I then needed to add the doors. As I didn’t know exactly what the size needed to be, I guessed and then used the Scale option to make it fit. After building the door, and it looking nice and tidy, I then when to use it in another BLEND file. Linking and Proxying was no problem, but now that the object is available, the scaling for the doors were all wrong.

It seems that even if I “Lock” the scale values changing the dimensions of an object changes the “Scale” values. When using these across different files, some objects that I wanted “50 units” across also have a scale value of “22”, making them HUGE.

My question is how can I stop this behaviour, and just have objects Sized rather than Scaled? If I add a cube and want to make it bigger, changing it’s “DimX, DimY and DimZ” values change the Scale, and mess everything up.

Unless i’m missing something here, it would seem that just having the Dimensions makes things easier in some cases (such as modeling a world).

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


You can reset the scale value for all axes back to 1 with Ctrl+A while in object mode.
The scale value changes when you resize objects while in object mode. Any changes while you are in edit mode does not change the scale values.

Excellent thank you Richard!

I’d been using Ctrl+S to clear Scale which obviously wasn’t helping. Now I know about “Apply” that should make life soooo much easier!

Thank you again for replying on Christmas eve :slight_smile: